Melton Bush and Mrs. Ance they were received by the bridal members of the wedding party and the two mothers In the living Where pink dahlias and roses were IT'S OUR 22nd With A COLD WAVE PERMANENT Special noted as reception Mrs. Rby played piano The bride's like the punch was with a Madeira cloth and centered with a large bowl filled with tiny rice bags of white tulle green ribbon At one end of the table was the tiered wedding confection on aft antique while balancing it at the opposite end of the table were two filled with rosebuds and fern and peeping ont of a ruffled tulle base studded with other roses and Green tapers in musical holders were placed behind these hearts and threw a Soft glow over the bridelike neiman marcus hunter boots, The newly weds cut the cake in traditional manner before was served by Miss Lucille Hamilton of Shady Miss Jimmie Nell of Ellisville at the punch Miss Wade served as tea Miss Helen McCarley of Laurel was in charge of the After the bride had changed to a beige beige and black and the orchid corsage from her Mr. 
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